Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Genealogy Roadshow

I've been watching a show on PBS called "Genealogy Roadshow" for two seasons now. At first it wasn't exactly "my cup of tea" because the stories are brief compared to other genealogy shows that I have watched; however, I'm won over because these are regular folks they are helping with family history research. What a gift to have professional genealogist work on your line.

While "Who Do You think You Are" and "Finding Your Roots" spend more time and travel to different locations in their searches, they only research the family history of celebrities. The shows are interesting and it's obvious that no expense is spared.

I'm impressed that the Genealogy Roadshow took a risk and created a show featuring regular folks like me. I hope that it pays off for them and that the shows continue.

This leads me to......guess who applied to the show? Me! Yup, I decided to give it a try with George Barnes. The only thing I've ever won is jury duty but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Afterall, what a gift it would be to have professional genealogist work on my line.

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